Chat rules.
Stream's local time.
Stream's uptime.
Follower loyalty amount.
Links to social media.
Random quote.
Amount of quotes available.
Activates clip.
Death counter.
Displays available emotes.
For Funsies
!hug (user)
Hug a user in chat.
!love (user)
Shows the % of love between you and a user. Or inanimate object. Pretty much whatever you type after love.
Pets Tasha's kitties, Light & Havoc.
!ask (question)
Ask our mystical bot a question.
In your face.
Current amount of mana.
!dungeon (amount)
Begins gambling minigame.
Top 5 ranked users.
Display your current rank & how much you need to reach the next.
Song Requests
!songrequest (url/token)
Current song & who requested it.
Song queue.
Vote to skip current song.
Current song & who requested it.
Next song & who requested it.